35k LOVE and ICON Gold Condoms Donated to Malawi

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The Malawi government was the recipient of a recent donation of 35,000 AHF-branded ICON Gold and LOVE condoms by AHF Malawi. Officials accepted the condoms last month with another potential batch slated for delivery in six months.

“While we’re optimistic for an HIV vaccine sometime in the future, we must continue to use and promote the best prevention tools that we have,” said Triza Hara, Country Program Manager for AHF Malawi. “Condoms remain the most cost-effective method of preventing HIV, sexually transmitted infections and unplanned pregnancies. It’s vital that Malawians, and especially youth, have access to free or affordable condoms. Donations like this help to make that possible.”

This donation is part of AHF’s ongoing condom distribution efforts and part of a larger plan that includes potential expansion into four districts. AHF has been working in Malawi since 2018 and currently provides medical care and treatment to 23,158 registered clients.

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