International Condom Day Recap 2020

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“Safer is Sexy” and “Always in Fashion were the themes front-and-center for International Condom Day (ICD) 2020 celebrations across the globe! AIDS Healthcare Foundation (AHF) founded the worldwide Valentine-themed International Condom Day in 2010, which is now celebrated and promoted by the World Health Organization, governments and NGOs all around the world.

Along with all the fun concerts and festivals this year, AHF also sent out strong advocacy messages to governments everywhere: People cannot take charge of their health if widespread stock outs, shortages and unaffordable prices for condoms continue! Condoms save lives! HIV is preventable and condoms are the most effective, affordable tool we have to stop the transmission of HIV.

We invite you to experience all that ICD 2020 with AHF had to offer by viewing the photos below – and be sure to connect with us on social media to share how you celebrated International Condom Day and helped in the fight to stop HIV/AIDS!

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Actions across Africa focused on reaching youth and other key populations, dispelling myths and misconceptions around condom use, and effective collaboration with government agencies and officials. Many countries conducted outreach in select communities for condom distribution and HIV testing, while others used universities as focal points for interactive and educational events. Other ICD highlights throughout the bureau included exciting fashion shows, informative radio talk show appearances, and inspirational marches and sporting events.
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Cambodia | India | Laos | Myanmar | Nepal | Thailand
Even with the cloud of the coronavirus outbreak looming over the continent, AHF Asia Bureau still managed to keep ICD 2020 sexy and fun with dozens of events across the region. Several country teams and their partners held Rapid HIV Testing events targeting high-risk groups, and also coordinated with national AIDS agencies to reach as many people as possible. Other events included informative Q&A quiz shows, exciting boxing matches, community festivals with concerts, educational sessions using teen influencers, and events garnering media coverage that reached millions!
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Estonia | Georgia | Greece | Lithuania | Netherlands | Portugal | Russia | Ukraine
United Kingdom
Youth were also the focus for many country teams throughout the AHF Europe Bureau for education, condom distribution, and HIV testing. A fun nightclub party attracted over 1,000 attendees, actions at local colleges provided a platform for wide-reaching info sessions, and theatrical sketches reinforced the importance of healthy lifestyles. Other highlights included tailored efforts to reach migrants and photo sessions with popular influencers that drew many for HIV testing.
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Argentina | Chile | Colombia | Dominican Republic | Guatemala | Haiti | Jamaica
Mexico | Panama | Peru
ICD 2020 in Latin American and the Caribbean set the scene for a couple of milestones, including AHF Panama’s first ever ICD event and AHF Haiti’s second Pride celebration in the country’s history! Other country teams used ICD to reach key groups for HIV testing, including migrants who often aren’t able to access services and targeting communities with the highest HIV prevalence rates. Some of the more unique events across the region included go-kart racing, art exhibits on condom history, and a door-to-door testing campaign to provide access to families.
AHF in the U.S. held more than 40 events nationwide, including multiple burlesque shows with exciting and distinctive styling to promote the “Safer is Sexy” message. We invite you to view more photos from the U.S.-based events below and also view our ICD 2020 parody video “Safer Works” of Lizzo’s smash hit ‘Truth Hurts’!
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Los Angeles | Washington D.C.
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