IDGC 2019: Empowered Girls = Brighter Future!

In Global by Fiona Ip

For International Day of the Girl Child (IDGC) 2019, AHF country teams held events worldwide to celebrate girls everywhere and empower them with the tools they need to gain self-confidence and succeed by staying in school, staying free from HIV and STIs, and being informed about their health.

HIV is just one issue that disproportionately affects young women and girls across the globe. Girls also face higher rates of violence, harmful cultural attitudes and practices, and difficulty accessing the same levels of healthcare and education as their male peers.

From free sanitary pads for girls in Africa to keep them from missing school, to educational sessions across Asia and South America—AHF invites you to view the inspirational photos below of global IDGC events to see how girls are learning to beat these challenging issues in their everyday lives!

Also take a few minutes to watch this short documentary on AHF’s Girls Act empowerment program that highlights five girls from around world and shows how they are bravely winning their battles against HIV!


See more photos here!

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