Girls Act! Launches in Zimbabwe!

In Global Featured, Zimbabwe by Fiona Ip

In an exciting event attended by over 300 students from six schools, AHF Zimbabwe became the newest member of the Girls Act! club by launching its own program on June 19—the Day of the African Child.

The statistics are daunting. Every week, approximately 7,000 young women ages 15-24 become infected with HIV around the world, and in sub-Saharan Africa, adolescent girls ages 15-19 account for 75% of new HIV infections. AHF officially launched Girls Act! in Africa nearly three years ago to address these vital issues by helping young women and girls take control of their physical and emotional health.

“It’s so important that girls have the tools and knowledge they need to be confident, stay in school and take care of their own health—Girls Act! shows them how to do that,” said AHF Zimbabwe Prevention Program Manager Clever Taderera. “We were delighted so many boys and girls attended the launch, and even though we still have a long way to go to address the many challenges children in Zimbabwe face, Girls Act! is a great way to show them how they can be healthy and successful.”

We invite you to explore AHF Zimbabwe’s Girls Act! launch by viewing more photos. You can also learn more about the program by watching our short documentary titled “Girls Act!“, which highlights young women across the globe who are winning their battles against HIV.

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