California’s ‘Affordable Housing Act’ Backers Say, ‘YES’ on Measure #10!

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California Secretary of State Alex Padilla assigns Ballot #10 to the Affordable Housing Act, a ballot measure to repeal the Costa-Hawkins Rental Housing Act of 1995. The measure will overturn state control outlawing nearly all rent control statewide and return decision-making on rent regulation and control to local communities.

“10 Out of Ten People Know the Rent is Too Damn High!”

California’s Affordable Housing Act, which would repeal the Costa Hawkins Rental Housing Act of 1995 and allow for the expansion of rent control in communities across the state, will now be known as Ballot Measure #10. Earlier today, the office of California Secretary of State Alex Padilla assigned Ballot #10. to the measure, which will appear on the November 2018 ballot.

In April of this year, backers of the Affordable Housing Act submitted over 595,000 voter signatures spread across 58 California counties to qualify the measure. Two weeks ago, the California Secretary of State’s office formally certified the initiative.

“Ballot Measure #10—We’re excited to have a number for the Affordable Housing Act as we ramp up for what we know is going to be a hard-fought campaign leading up to the November ballot here in California, where the rent is too damn high!,” said Elena Popp, Executive Director of the Eviction Defense Network, one of the three proponents of the initiative. “Soon, California voters of all stripes will have chance to weigh in to restore local control on decision-making on rent control and regulation, the place it has always belonged. Vote ‘Yes’ on #10!’ to allow for the expansion of rent control in communities across the state!”

“Millions of California residents are struggling to afford rent and make ends meet and just can’t wait any longer to take back the power to address the housing affordability crisis in their own communities,” said Christina Livingston, Executive Director of the Alliance of Californians for Community Empowerment (ACCE Action). “The time is up for rent gouging by corporate landlords abetted by Costa-Hawkins, the ill-conceived California state law favoring heartless greed. Come November, voters can return power to expand rent control in their own local communities and give millions of Californians a chance to stay in their homes.”

ACCE Action, AIDS Healthcare Foundation (AHF) and the Eviction Defense Network (EDN) are the three proponents of the initiative.

The Affordable Housing Act will close the loophole in rent control, created by the Costa-Hawkins Act, which prohibits California communities from setting reasonable limits on rent increases on single family homes, condos and buildings built after 1995, or the year rent control was established within a city – 1978 in the case of Los Angeles. (Costa-Hawkins explained) Passing the Affordable Housing Act will give local communities a critical tool to address the nation’s worst housing affordability crisis.  For more information visit:

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