Conferences to Conquer Co-infection

In Brazil by AHF

Brazil has endured major political and economic instability over the past three years, which has taken its toll on all sectors—including public health. But for vulnerable populations that need increased representation, events like the 11th Brazilian HIV/AIDS Conference and 4th Viral Hepatitis Conference make a big impact.

AIDS Healthcare Foundation (AHF) Brazil, along with 3,600 representatives from multiple public health-related sectors, gathered in Curitiba from Sep. 26-29 to continue strengthening Brazil’s response to HIV and viral hepatitis.

“Combined Prevention was AHF’s focus for the conference and is vital among the most vulnerable populations,” said AHF Brazil Prevention, Testing and Advocacy Manager Beto de Jesus. “This prevention strategy uses multiple approaches from biomedical to behavioral to provide patients with what they need most at critical points in their lives.”

The conferences, brought together under a “Social Village” banner, sought to improve networking among civil society and nongovernmental organizations. Participants were encouraged to engage in scientific and programmatic information exchanges to ensure a unified response to the epidemics.

“Even when Brazil is facing political uncertainty, these conferences show the strength of the country’s vibrant and knowledgeable civil society and Ministry of Health,” said AHF Latin America Director of Advocacy and Testing Miriam Ruiz. “It’s especially exciting to see how AHF Brazil is gaining influence with all our wonderful peer organizations so we can sustain and increase this response against HIV.”

AHF has been working in Brazil since 2013 and has 29,591 patients enrolled in care.

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