AHF Nepal Advocacy Shines Nationwide

AHF Nepal Advocacy Shines Nationwide

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National Condom Day

AIDS Healthcare Foundation (AHF) Nepal and partners upheld a longstanding tradition of HIV awareness and the promotion of safer sex practices by sponsoring five events nationwide during the 23rd National Condom Day (NCD) on Oct. 7. The events attracted over 4,300 people from all over the country. Over 24,000 condoms were distributed and 443 people were tested for HIV. Two tested positive and were immediately linked to care.

Journalism Symposium

Getting the word out about HIV/AIDS is critical to defeating the epidemic. To increase knowledge and understanding among the country’s news reporters, AHF Nepal supported a Journalism Symposium on Oct. 10. In cooperation with local doctors and government officials, AHF hosted 17 journalists to highlight several aspects of Nepal’s current campaign against the epidemic.

Key focus areas included the latest Test, Treat and Retention guidelines; updates on patients receiving antiretroviral therapy at the Bharatpur treatment facility; vulnerable groups who are at a higher risk of infection; and best practices for ending the stigma and discrimination associated with HIV.

AHF launches services at Doti Hospital

In other news, a ceremony signifying the start of AHF services at the Doti District Hospital was held on Nov. 15. The increased support will improve access to care and treatment for almost 600 patients currently receiving antiretroviral therapy (ART) with more expected due to the expansion. AHF Nepal was already conducting mobile testing in the area and its added services will provide increased transportation, laboratory, nutrition, medicinal and referral services for all clients utilizing the hospital.

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