AHF Mexico Tested 5,828 in the 1st National HIV Testing Marathon

In Mexico by AHF

Mexico celebrated the first National HIV Testing Marathon, which was organized by AHF in coordination with its partners. Forty-eight organizations participated in the event, which took place in 24 states with support from 700 staff members and volunteers.

In 12 hours the team performed 5,828 tests and identified 73 HIV positive results. HIV positive clients were linked into care. Over 63,000 condoms and 15,600 lubricants were distributed along with information about testing and HIV prevention.

The Marathon will become an annual event. It aims to popularize HIV testing and promote HIV status awareness, so that HIV negative people can take steps to protect themselves and their loved ones, and HIV positive people can get access to treatment and services. AHF has been championing free, convenient, rapid HIV testing with same-day results for years. Now this model is part of the WHO testing guidelines.

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