Knockout HIV, Nigeria! Get Tested

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In April 2016, AHF Nigeria launched the “Knock out HIV” campaign to promote HIV testing to communities in Abuja, Anambra, Benue, Cross River, and Nasarawa.

To encourage more people to get tested, AHF’s campaign offered a number of other important medical services, including blood pressure monitoring, blood glucose testing, malaria testing, and treatment for other minor ailments affecting children and young adults.

AHF Nigeria tested a total of 11,575 people and identified 40 HIV-positive clients. 39,312 AHF-branded LOVE and Icon gold condoms were distributed across the sites.

To increase AHF Nigeria’s visibility in the local communities and states, the “Knock Out HIV” campaign was implemented in collaboration with state and local governments, staff of supported government facilities, and partner organizations.

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