Nigeria Makes AIDS Anti-Discrimination Law Accessible to All!

In Nigeria by AHF

As part of AHF’s innovative approach to the HIV/AIDS response, AHF Nigeria, in a dynamic partnership with the federal government of Nigeria and UNAIDS, developed a simplified format of the original HIV/AIDS anti-discrimination law, passed in 2014. The law resulted from nine years of relentless advocacy for legislation protecting the rights and dignity of people living with HIV/AIDS (PLHIV).  

The versions were released on March 30 to facilitate the understanding of the law, which is available as a summary version without legal jargon and an illustrated pictorial version for people who are not literate. This is a landmark moment in Nigeria, as no law has previously been simplified to increase understanding and accessibility.

By simplifying the HIV/AIDS anti-discrimination law, AHF hopes to promote utilization and implementation of HIV/AIDS services and empower the PLHIV community to  stand up to stigma and discrimination.

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