AHF: Georgia Governor Deal shows ‘Principled Leadership’ Vetoing Religious Liberty Bill that Would Have Legalized Anti-LGBT Discrimination

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FT LAUDERDALE, FL (March 28, 2016) Despite intense pressure from the religious right, including many members of the Georgia legislature and his own Republican Party, Georgia Governor Nathan Deal today vetoed Georgia HB 757, a so-called religious liberty bill that would have fostered and permitted anti-LGBT discrimination in the state. AIDS Healthcare Foundation (AHF), which operates free AIDS treatment clinics, HIV and STDs prevention programs and an AHF Pharmacy in Georgia, commended and thanked Governor Deal for his veto:

“We want acknowledge and genuinely thank Governor Nathan Deal for his veto of HB 757 earlier today, an act of principled leadership that was likely not an easy decision for him,” said Michael Weinstein, President of AHF. “The growing number of such potentially divisive bills around the country give both pause—and could also give cover—to leaders like Governor Deal. We are grateful that Deal chose the high road by vetoing this discriminatory legislation.”

Michael Kahane, Southern Bureau Chief for AIDS Healthcare Foundation, added:

“The essence of what HB 757 would have mandated is destructive to the very spirit of Georgia. We thank Governor Deal for vetoing this bill that has discriminatory practices at its core, a bill that would have continued to foster and perpetuate immense levels of stigma against those within the LGBTQ community. Over the past weeks, AIDS Healthcare Foundation joined numerous partners throughout Georgia in opposition to this bill, and we are grateful that the governor stayed true to his commitment to not sign into law any bill that has discrimination as its foundation.”

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