2016 Rose Parade: AHF’s Float Celebrates ‘A Girl’s World of Adventure’

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AHF’s float celebrates and seeks to empower young girls the world over as it poignantly captures the Tournament of Roses’ 2016 parade theme: ‘Find Your Adventure.’

 Inspired by Art Deco designs and Works Progress Administration artisans, AHF’s float features an 11-foot spinning golden globe surrounded by four 8-foot tall floral girls from around the world dressed as potential professions girls may pursue. Riders include five 10 and 11 year-old girls—three of whom are HIV-positive—from around the US: Chicago, Florida, Arizona, Compton and Los Angeles.

 On December 30, the girls were feted at a special ‘Tea Party Reception’ at Hollywood’s iconic Yamashiro restaurant after having their hair and makeup done by AHF’s 2014 Rose Parade same-sex wedding couple Aubrey Loots and Danny LeClair at their StudioDNA Hair Salon in Hollywood.

LOS ANGELES (January 4, 2016) —For the fifth year in a row, AIDS Healthcare Foundation(AHF), the largest global AIDS organization, took part in the Tournament of Roses’ iconic 2016 Rose Parade® on Friday, January 1st. This year, AHF’s float, ‘A Girl’s World of Adventure,’ celebrated young girls the world over as it poignantly captured the Tournament of Roses’ official 2016 parade theme: ‘Find Your Adventure.’

AHF’s ‘A Girl’s World of Adventure—It’s Her Journey’ Rose Parade® Float

AHF’s 2016 float, inspired by Art Deco designs and Works Progress Administration (WPA) artisans, featured an 11-foot spinning golden globe surrounded by four 8-foot tall floral girls from around the world dressed as potential professions girls may pursue today: a construction worker, a teacher, a doctor or medical worker and a businesswoman. Working together, these four floral girls also hold the world at their finger tips as they jointly hoist the spinning globe.


Riders included five 10 and 11 year-old girls from around the US, three of whom are HIV-positive. The girls included: Gloria, 10, Glendale, AZ; Tatianna, 11, Chicago, IL; Jenna, 11, Los Angeles, CA; Iliana, 10, Compton, CA and Sarah, 11, Seffner, FL. Three of the girls came to AHF’s attention via Project Kindle, a nationwide project for children impacted by HIV/AIDS.  The organization improves the quality of life of thousands for children, young adults, and families facing medical complications through recreational experiences, educational services, and support programs.

Many girls around the world and throughout the U.S. often face risks that negatively affect their potential to grow up healthy and happy. A lack of educational opportunities, poverty, health and safety issues may all be part of their daily lives. AHF’s float (and related Rose Parade® activities) this year celebrates and seeks to inspire and empower these women of tomorrow as girls today.

“Having traveled the world in my job at AHF I have seen firsthand what an incredibly important issue the plight of girls and young women is today. It is an honor to dedicate this year’s AHF Rose Parade® float to celebrating and empowering such young girls and women is today,” said Michael Weinstein, President of AHF.

At the forefront of the growing girl empowerment movement is Women of Action (WOA), AHF’s newest advocacy effort, which, as part of a UN effort in October, hosted girl-centric activities in China, Russia, India, Mexico, Jamaica, Kenya, Nigeria, Uganda, and the United States to foster talk of girls’ hopes, fears, and dreams; to help them build relationships in their community—and for them to simply have fun.


AHF’s Rose Parade® History

AHF’s four previous Rose Parade® entries include:

  • 2012:‘Our Champion,’ a tribute to Elizabeth Taylor for her tireless advocacy and work in the fight against AIDS. Earned the Tournament’s ‘Queen’s Trophy.’
  • 2013:‘The Global Face of AIDS,’ a global salute to AHF patients and medical staff from around the world. Earned the Tournament’s ‘Queen’s Trophy.’
  • 2014: ‘Love is the Best Protection,’featured the same-sex wedding—a Tournament first—of Aubrey Loots and Danny Leclair. Earned the Tournament’s ‘Isabella Coleman Trophy.’
  • 2015:‘Protecting Global Health,’ honored Ebola First Responders, including two AHF doctors in Africa, Dr. Sheik Hummar Khan and Dr. John Taban Dada, who died of Ebola while caring for patients.

Fiesta Floats of Irwindale envisioned and constructed AHF’s 2016 ‘A Girl’s World of Adventure’ parade entry, as it did for AHF’s previous four entries.

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