The Wellness Hub Doors are Now Open in Kampala, Uganda

In Uganda by AHF

The newly opened AHF Wellness Hub in Kampala, Uganda is pioneering a one-stop sexual health clinic catering to the needs of the city’s more affluent residents, who typically do not access these services through the municipal public health care facilities.

For a small fee, The Wellness Hub will provide a menu of services accessible in a comfortable, private setting and during hours convenient for the working professionals. The basic package of services will include HIV testing and risk reduction counseling, access to condoms, safe male circumcision, prevention of mother to child HIV transmission, screening for sexually transmitted infections (STI) including Hepatitis B and cervical cancer. In addition, The Wellness Hub also offers general wellness screening for the common “lifestyle diseases” as well as prostate cancer in men.

The underlying principles of health care delivery at the Hub parallel other clinics operated by AHF in Uganda and around the world: to deliver top-quality, patient-centered care and help clients take charger of their sexual health and wellbeing. The overarching goal of the Hub is to help reduce new HIV infections in Uganda and fill the critical gaps in treatment and prevention of STIs, as well as common lifestyle disease.

“AHF would like to open such center in several cities across Africa, this being the first,” Dr. Penny, Africa Bureau Chief said. “Since we are setting up a replicable model for delivery of HIV and STI prevention services in a private setting, we are documenting all of the stages as we develop the model.”

The AHF Wellness Hub launched at the end of August with an official opening ceremony on the terrace/roof-top of the AHF office building in Kampala, where the Hub is located. About 200 people attended the reception, including the media and dignitaries.

Based on the outpouring of interest toward The Wellness Hub, the staff in Uganda says they expect to see an influx of new patients and a steady growth in clientele in the coming months.

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