AHF Donates Condoms to India Sex Workers

In India by AHF

In light of the recent condom stock-out crisis in India, AHF India Cares donated 100,000 condoms to the Delhi State AIDS Control Society (DSACS) and the National AIDS Control Organization, for distribution to sex workers in one of Delhi’s largest brothel areas on the GB Road.

The donation addressed condom stock-outs in red light areas and resumed the supply on an urgent basis. AHF India Cares acted in response to a recent news article by the Delhi Commission of Women (DCW), which reported that about 5,000 women and hundreds of men at GB Road are at a high risk of contracting HIV; many may have already gotten infected due to the shortage.

“Due to a culture of male dominance in India, women and especially sex workers, have limited bargaining power to negotiate safer sex. The absence of condoms has resulted in anxiety among women who have learnt to gather courage to say no to clients refusing to use a condom,” said Dr. Nochiketa Mohanty, Country Program Manager for AHF India Cares.

“Condoms are the best prevention tool available to date to prevent HIV, STI and pregnancy…. While we commit a donation of 100,000 LOVE condoms to the community until further replenishments from the State AIDS Control Society, we urge the Ministry of Health to take immediate action,” said Dr. Ratna Devi, Bureau Chief for AHF India Cares.

In 2014, AHF India Cares distributed 747,898 free LOVE condoms across the country among key vulnerable populations. AHF urged the government to avoid future stock-outs through planning, forecasting, procurement and distribution, and has expressed its interest in partnering with the government in the future on condom distribution efforts.

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