AHF Fact-Checks POZ Magazine

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Many of you may have seen POZ Magazine article in response to AHF’s recent ‘War Against Prevention’ ad that ran in several community papers including the South Florida Gay News (SFGN).

The AHF ‘War Against Prevention’ ad outlines many of our concerns regarding PrEP and what appears to be a corresponding growing movement away from the culture of condom use.

The POZ journalist couched his post as a ‘fact-check’ of AHF’s ad. Surprisingly, in several of the dozen facts checked, the POZ journalist conceded our fact or found it hard to deny the essence of a particular fact AHF cited. Meanwhile, many of his assertions and so-called ‘fact checks’ of our ad did not specifically address the facts that we were actually citing, or did so minimally while the journalist then presented unrelated fact(s) supporting his own bias toward PrEP.

Over the past week, AHF conducted its own fact-check of POZ’s fact-checking. Click through to read the “AHF Fact-Checks POZ’s Fact-Check” document.

You may feel free to share this document or information with any of your colleagues if you wish.


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