Little Red Protects Jamaica

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On July 20, 2015, at a ceremony at the National Family Planning Board (NFPB) in Kingston, Jamaica, AHF Jamaica handed over three million Love Condoms to the Ministry of Health and the NFPB.

Those present at the hand-over included Permanent Secretary Dr. Kevin Harvey at the Ministry of Health, Chairman Dr. Sandra Knight at the NFPB, Director of Treatment, Care, and Support, Dr. Nicola A. Skyers at the National HIV/STI Programme, and Executive Director Dr. Denise Chevannes at the NFPB. 

Southern Bureau Chief Michael Kahane, Head of Latin America Bureau Dr. Patricia Campos, and Country Program Manager Elizabeth Phillips represented AHF at the event.

The condoms (which in-region staff reports are affectionally called “Little Red”) will be distributed free of cost throughout Jamaican public health facilities and to NGOs working on reproductive and HIV issues. And special effort will be made to target at risk groups for HIV—such as MSMs and sex workers.

Feedback on AHF artwork present was also extraordinary: Dr. Knight acknowledged the success of the “Knock Out HIV” message in her note of thanks, and another attendee suggested the “God Loves Me ” artwork should be present in every church in Jamaica. The guest noted she was drawn to that particular message because it was was not accusatory or negative—just a simple message of affirmation. 

To support this new effort, the AHF Jamaica team also launched a bus shelter and billboard campaign in Montego Bay and Kingston, promoting the availability of LOVE condoms in the country.


Another reminder that, in a variety of ways, LOVE is the best protection.


We applaud the efforts to connect people living with HIV through awareness, and recognize there is still much work to be done. Through our 20×20 campaign, our goal is to have 20 million HIV+ people around the world on treatment by the year 2020.

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