AHF Lauds Greater Access to HIV Testing In Nevada

In News by AHF

LOS ANGELES (May 28, 2015) — AHF applauds Assemblymember Tyrone Thompson and community groups for their successful efforts to pass legislation to modify outdated HIV testing regulations in Nevada and allow community-based HIV testing throughout the state. Authored by Assemblymember Thompson, the “HIV Targeted Outreach and Testing Bill” (AB 243) eliminates state requirements for HIV testing to be solely administered in medical laboratories by licensed physicians or medical laboratory assistants. Governor Brian Sandoval signed the bill into law on May 27th.

“AHF commends Assemblymember Thompson, the co-authors, and the many community and government partners that supported this critical change in Nevada law allowing for community based HIV testing,” said AHF Public Health Division Senior Director Whitney Engeran-Cordova. “Finding those living with HIV and assisting them in getting into care so they may become virally suppressed is the key to reducing HIV in our communities.  The Nevada Legislature and Governor signaled their concern for our communities by passing this measure unanimously.”

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