Keep The Promise Webisode 6: “The Re-Birth of Worldwide AIDS Activism”

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Following an energizing week of Marching on Washington, protesting, lobbying on Capitol Hill, bonding, talking about HIV/AIDS issues with the media and inspiring all around them, tired but determined advocates begin to head home. Home to New York, Texas, California, Georgia, South Africa, Mexico, Estonia and all over the country and world.

They made their voices heard this week. They will not be abandoned – they will not stand by while HIV/AIDS get defunded and retreated on. A primary focus on creating “An AIDS-free Generation” must include testing and treating the 20 million HIV+ people in the world that do not yet know their status but will eventually require anti-retroviral treatment to stay alive. What about them? Will we abandon them in order to focus on creating “An AIDS-free Generation”? No, we will not!

This past week in Washington is a re-iginition of a worldwide AIDS activism movement.

We salute all the advocates that journeyed far to raise their voices.

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