Test and Treat

In Advocacy by AHF

With the approach of World AIDS Day each year, AHF leads a global coalition to test people by the million and refer those who are positive to treatment. We partner with governments and community-based organizations to reach people in the communities most impacted by the epidemic, from Cambodia to South Africa to Ukraine.

The testing model we use is a departure from the traditional voluntary counseling and testing process, operating at large-scale events, providing streamlined pre-test counseling and using a variety of new products to help as many people learn their status as possible. Free testing happens at hip hop contests, holiday festivals and other major events. Everyone who tests positive is immediately referred to care.

The majority of HIV positive people worldwide don’t know their status. Without universal access to testing, there can be no universal access to treatment. Test & Treat scales up the availability of free, easy HIV testing to get people treated, stop new infections and work towards controlling the AIDS epidemic.


To learn more, please visit www.testandtreat.org

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