The Epidemic

India is one of the most populous countries in the world, second only to China.
While HIV prevalence in India is relatively low at 0.3%, in absolute terms this number represents millions of people living with HIV – the third largest HIV positive population after South Africa’s and Nigeria’s. In 2009, only 3.2% of Indian adults aged 15 to 49 had gotten tested for HIV in the past year.

  • Population: 1.2 billion
  • People living with HIV: 2.4 million
  • People receiving ART’s: 424,800 (UNAIDS, 2010)
  • People receiving Care & Support from AHF: 415
  • People receiving ART’s from AHF: 270

AHF in India

Since beginning work in India in 2004, AHF has emerged as a preeminent HIV/AIDS organization, known for high quality treatment and support services, and for successful leadership in efforts to increase access to condoms, testing and treatment.

To bring free HIV testing to those most at risk, AHF operates a mobile testing van in New Delhi, which conducts regular outreach targeting migrant truckers, sex workers and injecting drug users.

AHF was the first care provider in India to introduce free ART for clients who’d developed resistance to medication. As a result of our advocacy efforts, the government began providing this second-line therapy as well.

Statistics from, 2011, unless otherwise stated.

AHF Services in India

AHF has earned our reputation as a leading HIV/AIDS organization in India, providing the best in HIV care and support services. We offer free antiretroviral therapy, even if you’ve developed drug resistance to your first treatment. We also operate a mobile HIV testing unit in New Delhi.

Country Program Manager
Dr. Nochiketa Mohanty
S-345 Panchsheel Park
New Delhi, India -110017
Tel +91 11 46 86 68 00

Three Treatment Sites:
1. CoE Delhi ART clinic
2. Mumbai ART clinic
3. Kolkata ART clinic

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