The Epidemic

About 0.3% of adults in Mexico are HIV positive. While this number is low, it hasn’t dropped significantly in the past decade. Only a little more than half of people in Mexico who need ART receive it.

AHF collaborates with the government’s Ambulatory Centers for the Attention of AIDS and Sexually Transmitted Infections – clinics that treat HIV and other STDs with the aim of achieving universal access to ART. We provide human resource support, training and quality assurance services to enable the centers to provide the best care possible.

AHF in Mexico

International Condom Day HIV Testing Event in Mexico City

In partnership with AFABI, ProSalud, the Binational Committee for AIDS San Diego-Tijuana, the Human Rights Commission and the National Center for the Prevention and Control of HIV/AIDS, AHF conducts HIV testing across the country. We’ve worked on a program for high risk groups in Tijuana, a widespread mass testing initiative, and an 18-town prevention and testing tour by the Condom Mobile. In 2008 alone, AHF trained 227 individuals from government and partner organizations in our rapid testing model and helped over 20,000 people learn their status.

In order to increase resources for Mexico’s AIDS response, AHF also advocates for reduced drug prices. During the 2008 International AIDS Conference in Mexico City, AHF staff formed a broad, nationwide coalition of key organizations working in HIV/AIDS and human rights. The coalition met with government officials, including President Calderon, and staged multiple protests that attracted thousands. As a result, all but one of the major pharmaceutical companies that provide AIDS drugs to Mexico made significant price reductions for the country. President Calderon announced his support for allowing foreign drug companies to import generic medications.

World AIDS Day HIV Testing Event in Tabasco, Mexico

  • Population: 110.6 million
  • People living with HIV: 220,000
  • People receiving ART’s: 64,500 (UNAIDS,2010)

Statistics from, 2011, unless otherwise stated.

AHF Services in Mexico

AHF conducts rapid HIV testing and counseling throughout Mexico – out of mobile vans, from outreach tents and through clinics. We also assist the Ambulatory Centers for the Attention of AIDS and Sexually Transmitted Infections in treating HIV and other STDs.

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