The Epidemic

Guatemala has a concentrated and accelerating HIV/AIDS epidemic with an estimated 38 000 to 130 000 people currently living with HIV/AIDS and a national prevalence of HIV infection among adults of about 1%. From 1984 to 2003, only 6588 AIDS cases were reported, and the country recognizes underreporting as a major concern.

The epidemic is concentrated among sex workers and men who have sex with men. More men than women have AIDS, but the number of cases among women has increased significantly in recent years. About 75% of HIV infections are attributed to heterosexual transmission. According to AIDS surveillance in the Americas (Pan American Health Organization (PAHO)), the cumulative percentage of cases among children in Guatemala of 4% as of June 2002 is only exceeded in Latin America by Honduras, Argentina and Uruguay.

Guatemala shares with Honduras and Nicaragua a high prevalence of HIV infection among people with tuberculosis (TB) of 8%. The epidemic is located mainly in urban areas and is spreading across the southern coast. Higher transmission rates are found in Guatemala City, with 70% of all cases occurring within the Metropolitan Region, as well as other urban areas and along the main transport route.

  • Population: 12.7 million
  • People living with HIV: 38,000 – 130,000
  • People receiving ART’s: 12,100 (UNAIDS, 2010)

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