The Epidemic

In the urban areas of Zambia, such the Copperbelt and Lusaka, as many as 18% of people are HIV positive. Women and girls are especially vulnerable to the epidemic: at the end of 2006, 57% of the adults living with HIV in Zambia were women.

Though free ART became available through PEPFAR and Global Fund support in 2004, people with low incomes and those in rural areas are often unable to access treatment due to high transport costs and the long distances they must travel to reach clinics. Aggravating this problem is Zambia’s severe human resource shortage. The African Medical and Research Foundation estimates that there are only 7.5 doctors to every 100,000 Zambians.

  • Population: 13.3 million
  • People living with HIV: 980,000
  • People receiving ART’s: 344,400 (UNAIDS,2010)
  • Treatment sites: 4
  • Locations: Chikankata, Monze, Choma, Chifundo
  • Patients in care: 13,780
  • Patients receiving ARTs: 11,516

AHF in Zambia

AHF, in collaboration with the Ministry of Health, the Churches Health Association of Zambia (CHAZ), the Centre for Infectious Disease Research of Zambia and the Salvation Army, currently operates three ART clinic sites namely Choma district hospital, Monze mission hospital and chikankata mission hospital in southern province of Zambia. AHF’s role is to provide technical support, building renovation, staff compensation and clinical training. By handling the technical and financial matters, we enable our partners to focus on providing the best care possible.

In 2004, AHF developed the HIV Medic program, an innovative solution to the shortage of healthcare workers. Through this 12-week intensive program, laypeople are trained to provide basic triage and intensive adherence counseling and support. The program was piloted in Uganda and brought to Zambia in partnership with CHAZ. It has been cited as a best practice model by the World Health Organization.

AHF Zambia has grown geographically and programmatically. The main administrative office is located in Lusaka, where a new clinic is housed. The HIV testing and condom distribution programs have expanded considerably and we hope to grow our training programs as well. We continue to provide technical and financial support to the three clinics in the southern province, and are beginning to establish a greater presence in Lusaka.

AHF Services in Zambia

AHF Zambia offers high-quality antiretroviral treatment, HIV testing and condom distribution. We also train people to become HIV medics, supporting the medical staff and providing better, more efficient service for all.

In 2009, AHF expanded its support to Government of Zambia through MoH by introducing mobile HIV Counseling and Testing (HCT) program and condom distribution in Lusaka District. This program is designed to provide HIV testing and condom distributions in market places where people cannot easily access these services.

AHF was approached by Government in 2011 to further expand its services in more needy areas and progress have been made in that a new ART clinic will be opened by June 2013 in Copperbelt Province, Kitwe District’s Chisokone Market area and Maheba A clinic in Northwestern Province, Solwezi District will also be adopted and be supported to provide ART services.

AHF chifundo Clinic,

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Chaisa. Lusaka


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