The Epidemic

Kenya’s HIV prevalence among adults 15-64 years old is estimated to be 6.3% (Kenya Demographic and Health Survey 2008-09). Studies have shown that women are more likely to be infected (8.0%) than men (4.3%), and young women aged 15-24 are four times more likely to be infected (6.4%) than young men of the same age group (1.5%).

  • Population: 40.9 million
  • People living with HIV: 1.5 million
  • People receiving ART: 620,000
  • Treatment sites: 5
  • Locations: Kithituni, Emali, Mikindani, Mtongwe and Kongowea
  • Patients in care: 3,152
  • Patients receiving ART: 2,122
  • Pediatric patients: 255

AHF in Kenya

In 2008, AHF Kenya was approved to offer ART, HIV testing, and safer sex education in support of the Ministry of Health’s HIV response plan. AHF also partners with the Salvation Army Mombasa Municipal Council and the Ministry of Health to deliver care and treatment.

Statistics from, 2011, unless otherwise stated.

AHF Services in Kenya

AHF Kenya offers patient-centered HIV care, including antiretroviral drugs, CD4 testing and lab monitoring, TB screening and treatment, STI Screening and treatment, HIV counseling, nutritional supplements, and treatment for opportunistic infections. All our services are free of charge.

AHF Kenya offers HIV testing at all its clinics and is also involved in testing outreached including door-to-door and moonlight testing. We also provide social support and educational resources, distribute free condoms, and advocate for different HIV related issues.


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